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Hegel H100

This integrated amplifier from Hegel has a built-in USB sound card so you can enjoy audio from your computer with much improved sound quality. The H100 is extremely powerful for its price. With 2*120 watts in 8 ohms and 2*220 watts in 4 ohms, most speakers will be an easy match. The H100 carries much of the technologies developed for our Reference pre amplifiers and power amplifiers. One of the most important new features is the on board Hegel USB sound card. It is easy to use, flexible and much improves the sound quality from any computer on the market. Simply hook it up to the USB output on your PC or MAC and it will install itself within seconds. Now you can enjoy all the new digital media with superb Hegel sound quality. Streaming internet radio, streaming music services like Rhapsody or Spotify, downloaded movies, computer games and much more.

Compared to the H70, the biggest difference is a larger powersupply and twice the number of output transistors, giving it a more potent and dynamic style. The H100 also has the FET-technology, also known as Hegel Next-Gen. This technology severely reduce higher order harmonic distortion, giving a smoother and more detailed sound. Many would describe it at "more air around the instruments". An extra benefit is a more rhythmic and dynamic sound. By popular demand we have also included a Home Theatre input on the H100. This input has a fixed volume so you can use it as a power amplifier together with a surround receiver. In addition there are 4 unbalanced and 1 balanced input.

Technical Details

Output power: 120W + 120W in 8 ohms, 220W + 220W in 4 ohms
Inputs: 4 Unbalanced (RCA), balanced (XLR) and USB
Home Theatre input: maximum level power amp input (RCA)
Outputs: 2 pcs Pre Out (RCA), 1 pcs Recording output (RCA)
Speaker outputs: One pair of heavy duty gold plated terminals
USB resolution: 16 bit / 48 kHz, Plug & Play, no drivers needed
Input impedance: Balanced 50kohm, unbalanced 11kohm
Analog frequency resp: Less than +/- 0.2 dB deviation 20Hz-20kHz
Signal to noise ratio: More than 100dB
Crosstalk: Less than -100dB
Distortion: Less than 0.005 % at 50W i 8 ohm
Intermodulation: Less than 0.01 % (19kHz + 20kHz)
Damping factor: More than 1000
Power Supply: 630VA, 67 000uF capacitors
Output stage: 8 pcs 15A 150W high speed bipolar transistors
Power consumption: 30W in standby switched on
Dimensions/weight (ex feet): 10cm x 43cm x 42,5cm (HxWxD), weight 16kg
Dimensions/weight US (ex feet): 4" x 17" x 16,7" (HxBxD), weight 35,2 lbs

Hegel H100
Hegel H100

Where to buy

If you are interested in our products and would like to try or buy one, please find the authorized Hegel distributor in your country. Our dealers are qualified to tell you everything you need to know and help you start your Hegel experience. Please click the button below to go to the distributors list.

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What operating systems can I use with the USB sound card?
Most newer versions of MAC OS will work automatically. The same goes for Windows XP and Vista. Older versions may require downloading of drivers. Linux is generally supported, but may require drivers downloads.
Can the H100 USB sound card play high resolution audio?
The H100 is not the "player" when used as a sound card. The computer plays the files and sends it digitally through the USB cable to the amplifier. So the computer is the only limit to what the H100 can play.
Why is the H100 better than the standard sound card?
The two biggest reasons is that the environment inside a laptop or computer is not good for audio. Just by moving the sound card out of the computer you get better sound. The other reason is Hegel's unique implementation of the DAC chips, that reduce distortion and noise even more.
Is the Hegel H100 available in different colours?
The H100 is available in two different colours: The standard "Pearl silver" colour and in completely Black colour. The Front panel finish is made by blasting the solid Aluminium front panel with tiny glass particles and anodizing the surface. The top cover finish is brushed anodized aluminium.
Can the H100 input source selector and volume level be controlled from the remote control?
The H100 source selector and volume level can be controlled from the remote control.
How many inputs does the H100 have?
The H100 has got six different pairs of stereo inputs: CD, Balanced, Aux, DVD, Tuner and Home Theatre. The balanced inputs are using XLR connectors and the CD, Aux, DVD, tuner and Home Theatre inputs are using RCA connectors.
Can the H100 be used in a surround sound system?
The H100 has got a stereo "Home Theatre" input that can be used with a surround sound system. By selecting Home Theatre from the remote control or from the source selector the H100 can be used as a power amplifier for the main front speakers of a Home Theatre setup. When selecting the Home Theatre input the volume is automatically faded up to the volume setting 75, making the H100 a powerful Home Theatre power amplifier.
Which CD-player should be used together with the Hegel H100?
The sound quality of the H100 is so high that we recommend to use it together with a Hegel CDP4A CD-player. In this way you will be able to experience the full potential of the H100. Of course the H100 and the CDP2A is also a very good combination. All the different Hegel units have got a neutral sound signature, so they can of course also be used together with high quality audio units from other manufacturers.
Is the Hegel H100 using an active preamp stage?
The most significant difference is that H100 uses a smaller transformer and less capasitors, making it less powerful than the H200. The H100 is also not a dual mono construction. On the other hand the H100 has two more unbalanced inputs than the H200 and the USB connection.
Is the Hegel H100 true balanced?
The balanced inputs of the H100 are as all the other Hegel units using true electronically balanced inputs.
Is the patented SoundEngine amplifier technology used in the Hegel H100?
The H100 is using the new and improved version of the patented Hegel SoundEngine technology, exclusively used by Hegel. The power amplifier part of the H100 is based upon technology from the Hegel H10 anniversary amplifier, using the new Hegel FET-transistor technology.
What is the power consumption of the Hegel H100?
Because of the SoundEngine technology used in the H100, there is no need to run a high bias current in the output stage of the amplifier. The H100 will as all the other Hegel amplifiers use a minimum of power in standby mode when it is not playing music. The H100 will use about 30W of power in standby mode, less than a normal light bulb.
I try to connect the H100 to a MAC computer. Installation seems fine but there is no sound?
On some MAC computers you may need to go to settings and choose which soundcard you want to use. The internal or the H100. You can download a quick guide in the left menu.
I try to connect the H100 to a computer using Linux Ubuntu. Installation seems fine but there is no sound?
On computers using the Linux Ubuntu operatating system you need to go to settings and choose which soundcard you want to use. The internal or the H100. You can download a quick guide in the left menu.

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