The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Discover the H95 amplifier with upgradeable software!

Meet the H95

The H120 carries the legacy of our multi award winning designs in a smaller, more affordable package.

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Beautiful enough to be the centerpiece in any system and powerful enough to drive almost any loudspeaker on the market.

Meet the H190

A true rebel offering much of the performance of our reference products, albeit at a lower price.

See our new H390

A master at musicality. The commander of any loudspeakers. Our ultimate integrated amplifier.

Meet the H590

A multi-channel amplifier designed for sound performance... not priced like diamonds. And still tailored to your needs.

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About Us

Hegel's story began in 1988 at the Technical University in Trondheim, Norway.

Today Hegel is one of the best-established brands in the hi-fi market, producing integrated, pre and power amplifiers as well as some of the most modern and sophisticated DACs. The company has dealers in 53 countries and its products are sold all over the world. Awards and press reviews speak for themselves.

Our catalogueChoose a right Hegel for you and your stereo or home theater system.



Single-box integrated amplifiers with uncompromised functionality, tons of power, and Hegel technology. One heart of your hi-fi system. Truly simple.



Modern pre amplifiers full of Hegel patented technology and hand-matched components. Open and natural sounding control units for hi-end stereo systems.



Stereo and monoblock power amplifiers capable of driving any loudspeaker in the world with ease and authority thanks to SoundEngine technology. Unstoppable.



Multi-channel power amplifiers designed for sound performance... Not priced like diamonds. And still tailored to your needs. Sounds too good to be true?



Ultimate digital control centers with world-class sound. The best link between digital music and analogue hi-fi. Do you even dare to try it?



Dedicated CD-Players using the very latest in digital processing - adapted for CD-only. Designed purely to squeeze everything we can from your Compact Discs.

New DevicesFind out more about the latest products in Hegel's catalogue.


The measure of INTELLIGENCE is the ability to CHANGE, said Albert Einstein. With the H95 we believe we have done this statement justice. The H95 is indeed an intelligent purchase. It is not just an amplifier, but also a complete streaming solution with both AirPlay and UPnP streaming. It fully caters to the modern digital streaming generation. H95 has built-in Spotify Connect for instantaneous and incredibly responsive music playback.

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The H390 is a REBEL by offering much of the performance of our Reference products, albeit at a lower price. A REBEL that in one integrated product offers the same as others do in two or three. A REBEL that provides world-class sound, jaw-dropping power and comes packed with convenient services.

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A MASTER at musicality. The COMMANDER of any set of loudspeakers. H590 is the name of Hegel’s ultimate integrated amplifier. The H590 includes user-friendly services such as Apple AirPlay, while at the same time embracing ultra high-performance formats like DSD. With SoundEngine 2 technology and Hegel’s finest amplifier implementation to date, the H590 really personifies our strive to bring High End to the people. The H590 uses the patented SoundEngine2 technology combined with very high power, low distortion amplifier design...

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TechnologyLearn more about Hegel patented technology and other great solutions.

What's new?Stay in touch with news and events from the world of Hegel.

Software-upgradable H95 has arrived

We are pleased to announce our new integrated amplifier. In fact, the H95 is not just an amplifier, but also a complete streaming solution. Its built-in software is upgradeable over the air, ensuring that improved functionalities and new features are delivered directly to your amplifier, with no hassle, and cost free.

H390 named EISA High-End Amplifier

"At first glance, Hegel's H390 looks like a slimmed-down, more affordable version of the Norwegian company's mighty H590 amplifier - which is hardly surprising, because that's just what it is. However, there's more to the H390 than that: it offers almost all of the performance of its 'big brother', for about half the price!"

Hi-Fi Choice Editor's Choice for the H590

"Sure, your speakers will probably sound better than they've ever sounded before, but this is incredible quality control rather than sheer brute force. £9,000 is a tidy sum for an integrated amplifier, but if I was told it was double this figure I wouldn't have questioned it."

H190 integrated amp reviewed by Hi-Fi+

"The Hegel H190 needs a loudspeaker with smooth treble and good bass extension, but the fact that it has so much control over the low end makes the range of options wider than average. Strongly recommended."

C55 praised by Widescreen Review

"If I was creating a home theatre from scratch and my amplifier budget was up to $2,000 per channel, I would go with as many C55 amplifiers as needed for the number of channels and save a bit of my budget to use elsewhere."

H390 awarded by Hi-Fi News

"The H390 is sensationally good value, with a clean, powerful sound and bags of musicality, not to mention exceptional flexibility including onboard network streaming. And all this for just over half the price of the H590 flagship..."

Find a dealer!

If you are interested in our products and would like to try or buy one, please find the authorized Hegel distributor in your country. Our dealers are qualified to tell you everything you need to know and help you start your Hegel experience.

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