Hegel launches Chromecast built-in

At Hegel, we not only strive for excellent sound but also for ease of use. Our goal is to be the best possible endpoint for the music and audio services people use in their daily lives. With H600 we are closer to reaching that goal than ever. The streaming platform in H600 is the most powerful of any Hegel product to date. That means it is also highly upgradeable and future-proof, with new features and services being added as they become available.

Hegel is proud to announce that the first of these upgrades is Chromecast built-in™. Because Chromecast built-in fits perfectly with our philosophy of great sound and ease of use. With Chromecast built-in on Hegel H600, your phone becomes your remote. Simply tap the Cast button from apps you already know and love. No new logins or downloads are required. Use your phone to search, play, pause, and turn up the volume from anywhere in the home. While you're streaming, you can keep using your phone for other things - scroll through social media, send a text, and even accept calls. You can even enjoy music throughout your house when you use multi-room casting with Chromecast-enabled speakers. Chromecast built-in works with hundreds of apps and new apps are being added all the time.

To start using Chromecast built-in, a short setup procedure is required. Just download the Hegel Setup app on Google Play or Apple® App Store® and follow the instructions in the app.

Google Play and Chromecast built-in are trademarks of Google LLC.
Apple and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

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H600 is our reference integrated amplifier. With its 303 watts in 8 ohms, a damping factor of 4000, and 2 ohms drive capability, this powerhouse of an amplifier can drive any speaker with confidence and ease. The amplifier is a dual mono design, bringing it as close as possible to the performance of two mono amps in a single box. It also boasts a state-of-the-art preamplifier with the extremely precise volume attenuator found in our reference P30A amplifier. All electronic circuitry is designed in-house, and we only use the best-quality...


In a world full of options for downloading music, sound formats, compression methods, and streaming services, putting on some music can feel overwhelming. What should be easy and enjoyable, suddenly becomes complex and stressful. Playing a CD on the Viking is not. It is only joy. Viking is a true native 16/44.1 CD player developed from the ground up for optimal performance on standard (Redbook) CDs. It is designed to deliver the most faithful sound reproduction possible by optimizing its components to deliver a high-quality output that is true to...


The Hegel V10 is a brand-new take on an old technology. With 30 years' experience designing state-of-the-art discrete transistor circuits, we have built a phono preamplifier like no other. It is neutral, dynamic, and exceptionally revealing. We have used all our knowledge in amplification and applied it to one goal - To reach down into the record and reveal every bit of information. The V10 is designed to capture the sound. To get you closer to the music. To get you into the groove.

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